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About NASA
“The National Association of Students of Architecture (NASA India) is one of the largest Architectural Student Organizations in the world with student participants from more than two hundred colleges all over the India and countries around the world.
The main objective of NASA India is to create a platform for architecture students to learn and interact, engage them directly and indirectly through both online and offline platforms. NASA India conducts events, conventions, seminars, workshops, design competitions & trophies and many other activities.
At NASA India we believe that us architects can come together, learn and create a huge positive impact on the world, and we strive for the same through our activities. Millions of students have gone through the NASA India experience in its rich history since the year when it was founded in 1953. Today NASA India continues not just providing learning and experience to students from India and across the world, but also creating a connection and voice for the architecture student community.”

The students of Smt. Premalatai Chavan college of Architecture attended the Zonal NASA convention “TARSH” held at MIT, Aurangabad in 2015.
In this year our college participated in Reubens trophy and also the Zonal trophies like Short Film and Photography and was Shortlisted in both of the trophies.
Students also actively participated in On the spot Design trophy and other On the events like The other side of me, Origami, Ande Ka Phanda, Khana mana Hai, Mr. X,etc and won the thophies in Ande Ka Phanda and Mr. X.

The students of Smt. Premalatai Chavan college of Architecture attended the Annual Convention “(RE)EVOLUTION” held at G.C.P.I.A, Surat in 2016.
Students of our college participated in ANDC (Annual NASA Design Competition) and was shortlisted in Top 75 colleges of Architecture.
Our college students participated in main trophies like Nari Gandhi, UCP (Unknown Crafts Person), Writing Architecture and Reubens.
Students attended the workshops like Model Making, design Presentation, Bamboo workshop, Street Play, Miniature Sculpture, Photography, Origami, Town Planning, Illusion in light, etc. and learned many new experiences.